Episode 31 – B.S. and Shawarma’s

What’s Up Everybody!!!
JSL is back for another episode, over some shawarma’s!!
We talk about the Oscars, New Music, Star Wars Episode 8 and more!!!
We also have special guest Ryoji aka Real Geek Squad!!
The Wild Woods, Dance of Death, and No Threats,Only Promises by JayTezla
Jim Morrison by Jon Bellion
Bounce by Logic

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Episode 30 – Return of The Pack

Whats Up Everybody!!!
JSL is back for another episode!!
On This Episode we are joined by special guests Mark Da Shark, J Easterly, Panda God and K. Furg!!
We give our review of Deadpool!!
Thoughts on trailers !!!
Man goes Super Parent!!!
And much more!!!

Music on this episode
DMX – X Gon Give It To Ya Instrumental
Tribe Called Quest – Award Tour
Jaytezla – Lord of the Jungle / Fried Rice and Kung Fu Movies
Future – Maybach

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Ep. 29 – New Year, Same JSL

Whats up Everybody!!!

JSL is back for 2016!!!

On this episode we discuss what we did for New Years, what we are looking forward to in 2016 and much more!!!

V T R S N D Y by Decap (check him out here at https://soundcloud.com/decapmusic)
Energy by KayKayTheProducer (check her out at http://kaykaymedia.com)
Way of No Way and the Party by Jaytezla (check him out on jaytezla.bandcamp.com)

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Episode 28 – The JSL Awakens!!!

Whats Up Everybody!!! JSL Podcast is back and this time we are covering everything Stars Wars: The Force Awakens in this Spoiler -filled episode!! We talk about our positives and negatives from the film, what we are looking forward to in episode 8, and speculate on some of the burning questions from the movie.

We also have specials guests Martha, J.Easterly, Kevin Ferguson, and Ryoji stopping through and giving their thoughts. Also we have special guest Row who joins us again in the discussion and talks about his song with Sacramento Knoxx, Execute Order 66!!

No Threats, Only Promises( Boba Fett Remix)by JayTezla
SW Intro Remix by Jaytezla
Execute Order 66 by Sacramento Knoxx and Row

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Episode 27: Too Many Trailers!!!

Whats up everybody!! JSL Podcast is back!!!
This is the final episode before Star Wars and we decided to cover all the trailers that shot up this past week!!

On This Episode we Discuss:
All the Trailers that came out
Joe and Jaytezla make a big bet
Special Guests Ryoji, Sacramento Knoxx, Ro and Christine joins us to talk about their new project #ExecuteOrder66
A Series of hilarious rambles

Beats Used in the Podcast
7p.m. In Detroit, The Prayer, Wild Woods by JayTezla
Notorious B.I.G Party and Bulls**t Star Wars Remix by Richie Branson and Solar Slim

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Episode 26: The Variant

What Up Everybody! JSL is back with a brand new episode!!

On This Episode, we discuss
The Batman V. Superman Trailer
A more In-depth look at the MCU
The Final Fantasy 7 Trailer
Marvel’s Hip Hop Variant Cover
and more!

This Episode’s Music Playlist:
Castle by Halsey
Angels by The Soul Defects
Soul by Araabmuzik

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Episode 25: The Leftovers!!!

This week on JSL Podcast we go ham on some Leftovers!!!
In this episode we discuss:
Thanksgiving Shenanigans
Missed Connections (#TezlaForeverAlone)
Star Wars
Captain America Civil War and Possible GOTG Rumors
Mav goes off on Transformers
And JSL is going on a World Tour

Songs Used
I Dream of Jeanie Remix
Epoch Instrumental by Mega Ran
Contact Instrumental by Mega Ran
Dream Master Instrumental by Mega Ran

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