Episode 28 – The JSL Awakens!!!

Whats Up Everybody!!! JSL Podcast is back and this time we are covering everything Stars Wars: The Force Awakens in this Spoiler -filled episode!! We talk about our positives and negatives from the film, what we are looking forward to in episode 8, and speculate on some of the burning questions from the movie.

We also have specials guests Martha, J.Easterly, Kevin Ferguson, and Ryoji stopping through and giving their thoughts. Also we have special guest Row who joins us again in the discussion and talks about his song with Sacramento Knoxx, Execute Order 66!!

No Threats, Only Promises( Boba Fett Remix)by JayTezla
SW Intro Remix by Jaytezla
Execute Order 66 by Sacramento Knoxx and Row

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Also if you want to hear some dope music, check out our producer’s Jaytezlan’s website, Jaytezla.bandcamp.com for his debut EP, ’89 Forever and our Beat tape, The Beats Awaken!!


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